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Accountant For Esports Earnings

An accountant for Esports earnings keeps you from losing wealth or assets due to poor management. The Esports phenomenon is relatively new, and traditional accountants may not be able to keep up with the rush of new terms, regulatory issues, and cross-jurisdictional tax requirements –– which means they aren’t ready to protect your money. Our experienced accountants can help you create the financial security you need.

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Accounting And Bookkeeping

From travel expenses and championships to a new custom rig for your battle station, your income and expenditures aren’t like any other professional field. We can help keep track of your funds and assets so you know what you have, and where you can use it.

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Tax Preparations And Analysis

Are you making your name on US circuits or playing or invitationals around the world? We can help you understand and plan for your tax situation so you can keep more wealth in your wallet.

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Contract Review

An experienced accountant for Esports earnings can help you understand what your contracts mean, whether you’re joining a team, becoming a paid influencer, or getting sponsored by studios. We’ll make sure you know whether or not it’s in your best financial interests.

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If you’re serious about protecting your wealth, make sure you choose an experienced accountant for eSports earnings. At SDA, we’ll help your money hit a new high score.

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