Shahen Derderian & Associates provides comprehensive and flexible financial solutions, from simple bill paying to complex trust services.


Our services help simplify the finances of our clients while offering the professional financial management and trust administration they need for a secure future. With our help, you can simplify your day-to-day as well as long-term financial management, while attaining a clear vision of your financial future that gives you peace of mind.

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Family Office

Our complete range of family office services...

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Production Accounting

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We serve as personal financial managers to athletes, entertainers, musicians, trustees, and more. We simplify and solidify the financial side of life with the following services, so your wealth can create a better life for you and the ones you care for.

Financial Planning & Management

Receive help planning and managing money to meet personal and business goals.

Portfolio Monitoring

Get assistance developing and managing the performance of your investment portfolio.

Tax Planning & Prep

Take advantage of our tax planning services that handle all of your essential tax needs.

Estate & Succession Planning Oversight

Plan your estate and its passage to heirs with the assistance of our expertise in trust administration.

Philanthropic Planning

Establish a sensible plan for diverting a portion of your income to philanthropy.

Cash Flow Management & Bill Payment

Simplify your daily finances with cash flow management and bill payment services.

More About Our Firm

For any wealthy individual, managing finances can involve special considerations, such as complex tax requirements, choosing multiple investment options, planning for business succession, and establishing a line of heirs.

SDA can serve as your confidential, personal financial manager in these matters and others. We take a personal approach to helping athletes, musicians, entertainers, and more preserve wealth, so it will always be there, continually working in their best interest.

Get in Touch

If you need a personal financial manager, experienced trust administration, or production accounting services for your independent film, contact SDA today. Our team understands how to make your money serve you well today, with the confidence that it will be there tomorrow. Please contact us for a consultation. We look forward to helping you plan.

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