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Trust and Estate Services

Estate Administration Services

If your wealth has allowed you to build a substantial estate, Shahen Derderian & Associates will help you administer the estate according to plan. Without the assistance of estate administrative services, the division of an estate can become contentious for its heirs and/or beneficiaries. We help to prevent this by offering the following estate administration services, among others:

  • Estate Asset Monitoring Your estate is only as valuable as the worth of its total assets. When an asset depreciates over a significant period of time, with no turnaround in sight, it may be best to invest in a different asset. SDA performs asset monitoring to keep you apprised of your assets’ current value.
  • Strategic Tax Planning The taxation that is applied to wealthy estates can significantly affect an estate’s overall value. We administer your estate in a way that involves the least tax burden on your assets.
  • Disbursement of Assets After carefully planning your estate, you want your heirs and/or beneficiaries to receive the assets quickly and fairly. We can disburse your estate precisely as you have intended.

Estate Administration Assistance

As estate is often built while the builder lacks the time or expertise to closely monitor the estate’s assets. In addition, when an estate is distributed after the passing of the estate holder, heirs can be distressed and not in a state of mind to address the technicalities of estate administration. Our estate administration services can monitor the value of your assets to chart their long-term value and handle the financial technicalities of transferring the estate. To learn more about our estate administration services and how we can create a plan that works best for the value and transference of your estate, please contact us today for a consultation.

Trustee Services


An independent trustee is a person or an organization that holds assets as a service to a third party. For example, a trustee may oversee your estate for the benefit of your heirs, helping to ensure that your assets are properly managed and passed to successors according to plan. Shahen Derderian & Associates (SDA) provides independent trustee services and can serve as your trustee in this capacity. Every trust must have a fiduciary––which is the trustee to the trust––to administer the trust assets, distribute trust income, and provide an accounting to the beneficiaries among other responsibilities. Independent trustees are important for a trust to run smoothly. We help bring peace of mind to your financial future through our full range of trustee services, including:
  • Trust Administration
  • Trust Protector Services
  • Special Independent Trustee
  • Fiduciary Expert Witnesses
  • Trust Accounting
  • Investment Policy Creation and Monitoring
  • Distributions to Beneficiaries

Personal Trust

  • Trust Administration to Heirs & Beneficiaries We will ensure that the administration of your trust is handled according to its specific conditions. You or your heirs can depend on the trust being executed exactly as planned.
  • Strategic Planning for Trust-Related Taxes A trust can be used to minimize the tax burden on assets contained within the trust. We will serve as your personal trust accountant to ensure that you receive the best tax situation.
  • Making Terms of the Trust Easy to Review It is essential for recipients of a trust to know precisely how the trust will be administered. We ensure that this information is always available, so recipients can make set financial plans.

Your Source for Personal Trust Services

Trusts can be excellent financial vehicles for preserving financial assets and disbursing them to heirs and beneficiaries. However, after a trust is formed, it is highly advisable to hire an impartial personal trust accountant to administer the trust according to its terms and conditions. SDA can serve as your personal trust accountant, ensuring that your trust is handled with utmost financial care. For more information on how we can serve as your personal accountant, please contact us today for a consultation.

Independent Trustee

Shahen Derderian & Associates (SDA) offers independent trustee services, so you can ensure that your trust is managed impartially and without bias. As your independent trustee, SDA can handle the following financial matters that pertain to your trust, including:
  • Wealth Planning and Management Whether you are the originator or the heir or beneficiary of a trust, the trust represents a portion of your wealth. We offer wealth planning and management for high net trusts.
  • Monitoring Assets Within a Trust The value of your trust depends on the collective worth of the assets it contains. We monitor the performance of the assets to ensure they do not compromise the trust’s overall value.
  • Tax Planning Assistance for Assets A tax deduction can be claimed when you disburse the assets of a trust to heirs and/or beneficiaries. We will ensure that your trust receives the best possible tax situation.

Get the Trustee Services You Need

Independent trustee services from SDA bring integrity to the management of your trust’s assets and their eventual disbursal to heirs and/or beneficiaries. We receive nothing that is contained within the trust; our duty is to transparently manage and disburse the assets of your trust, according to the terms and conditions that control its activity. For more information about our independent trustee services, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you manage your trust to ensure that it is executed with expertise.

Independent Trustee Services for Peace of Mind

With the help of an experienced trustee, a trust can be a great financial option for holding assets and distributing them to third-party beneficiaries of the trust. Trustee services from SDA can greatly reduce the time and complexity of overseeing your trusts. Enjoy more financial peace of mind by letting us ensure that your trusts are impeccably managed. For more information about specific types of trusts and how our independent trustee services can help you manage them, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.
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