Who We Serve

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High Net Worth Individuals

We are a specialized team of high net worth accountants who can help you better manage wealth and achieve your financial goals.

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Our wealth management helps musicians make the most of their tour, album, royalties, and other proceeds.

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We offer financial management services to entertainment professionals in front of and behind the camera.

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We assist pro athletes with managing the wealth their talent brings.

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eSports Gamers

With our help, eSports competitors manage their winnings wisely.

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We monitor and manage various types of assets that are found in trusts.

Shahen Derderian & Associates (SDA) is comprised of experienced high net worth accountants who are ready to serve as your personal financial advisors. We help you manage your money in a way that lets you live well today while preserving wealth for tomorrow. From financial planning to accounting, we provide an extensive range of services.

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Financial Planning

From cash flow management to estate planning, we help you plan finances wisely.

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Trustee Services

We can help you establish and manage trust funds according to plan.

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We perform outsourced accounting for independent film studios and high net worth individuals.

If you need a trusted high net worth accountant, contact SDA today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you make the most of your wealth.