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Q: How recently should assets have been appraised before creating a trust?

Because the value of an asset can change based on market conditions, it is a good idea to have assets appraised shortly before establishing inheritance. A recent appraisal helps you make the most informed financial decision.

Q: I get many requests for business investments; can you help me assess them?

Yes. As your personal financial advisor, we help you with anything associated with managing your wealth. We can monitor your investments, and we can connect you with investment professionals who specialize in evaluating your specific business opportunities.

Q: I have a contract with conditional bonuses; should I plan to invest them early?

There is no harm in planning ahead, but always consult a financial professional before investing in something based on the expectation of conditional income. We can help you plan the best way to manage your potential bonuses.

Q: I have international assets and accounts. Can you help manage those?

Yes. We have several clients with international investments and assets. We are familiar with the FACTA requirements and can assist with foreign currency issues.

Q: I need someone to handle my daily cash flow and bill payments; can you help?

Yes. We can manage your cash flow and bill payment needs. You can relax and enjoy life, with the confidence that your wealth is skillfully managed to serve you in the future.

Q: I receive large, infrequent payments; can you help me plan daily finances?

Yes. Actors, actresses, and athletes, for example, often receive large, infrequent payments, as they choose which films to accept. Regardless of when and how you are paid, we can help you develop a plan for daily spending that is within your means and addresses your wants and needs.

Q: I receive lots of requests for charitable donations; can you help me plan to give?

Yes. Many wealthy individuals wish to “give back,” but they receive too many requests to be considered by one person. We can help ensure that you invest in legitimate charitable and philanthropic options, and invest in a way that does not jeopardize future wealth.

Q: I will soon receive a large influx of money; how will this affect my tax situation?

How new money affects your taxes depends on how much money you receive, the terms on which you receive it, and which state you receive it in, as state taxes vary. After we know the details of your situation, we can inform you of your specific tax responsibilities.

Q: Is it safe to put large sums of money in my bank account until I decide what to do with it?

Standard bank accounts are not ideal for holding the majority of your money long-term. The federal government insures bank customers for a maximum of $250,000 of their total money held by a bank. This means that if your bank failed and lost your money, you would be entitled to collect only $250,000 of what you lost. This is why it is best to work with a financial manager to secure your money in a way that offers more protection.

Q. I have household payroll. Can you help process it?

Yes. We process household and other payroll for our clients.

Q. I would like to see my income/expenses and bank statements every month. Can you provide me those?

Yes. We will email you monthly cash flows, including all credit card and bank statements. We can also create an online portal for you so you may view historical data. We can also customize reports to your liking.