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Trust and Estate Services

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The functionality and services of Derderian & Associates range from simple bill paying to complex trust services. Essentially the goal is for our clients and their families to be able to have peace of mind that all of their financial and legal affairs are in order. Our objective is to provide tailored financial services that meet the specific needs of our clients. Below is a non-inclusive list of services we provide.

  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Financial Analysis and Projections
  • Estate review, planning, oversight, adjustment, and integration with tax investment, business and insurance strategies
  • Evaluate any risk-management program and insurance coverage, including medical and life insurance
  • Personal insurance planning for your real estate, automobiles, aviation, and watercraft exposures
  • Assist in planning and establishing philanthropic entities, such as family foundations, donor-advised funds, and charitable trusts
  • Family Succession Planning (including investment strategies, inheritance issues, establishing trust funds, limited partnerships and family foundations, and educating next generation family members on financial management)
  • Coordinate with legal counsel and consultants to assure all legal structures are appropriate for you and your family
  • Coordinate and oversee all banking relationships and third-party service providers
  • Trustee or Co-Trustee, Guardian, or Conservator Services

Please feel free to contact us to discuss our services or any other of your family’s needs.


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