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Independent Trustee

Independent Trustee Services

A trust needs at least one trustee to manage the assets within the trust and disburse them according to the terms and conditions of the trust. While practically anyone can serve as a trustee, including one of the trust’s beneficiaries, lawyers typically recommend hiring an independent trustee who will not benefit from the trust.

Shahen Derderian & Associates (SDA) offers independent trustee services, so you can ensure that your trust is managed impartially and without bias. As your independent trustee, SDA can handle the following financial matters that pertain to your trust, including:

  • Wealth Planning and Management
    Whether you are the originator or the heir or beneficiary of a trust, the trust represents a portion of your wealth. We offer wealth planning and management for high net trusts.
  • Monitoring Assets Within a Trust
    The value of your trust depends on the collective worth of the assets it contains. We monitor the performance of the assets to ensure they do not compromise the trust’s overall value.
  • Tax Planning Assistance for Assets
    A tax deduction can be claimed when you disburse the assets of a trust to heirs and/or beneficiaries. We will ensure that your trust receives the best possible tax situation.

Get the Trustee Services You Need

Independent trustee services from SDA bring integrity to the management of your trust’s assets and their eventual disbursal to heirs and/or beneficiaries. We receive nothing that is contained within the trust; our duty is to transparently manage and disburse the assets of your trust, according to the terms and conditions that control its activity.

For more information about our independent trustee services, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you manage your trust to ensure that it is executed with expertise.


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