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Family Succession Planning

Family Succession Planning Services

If you have a family-owned business or organization that you would like to keep in your family, passing it on from generation to generation, Shahen Derderian & Associates (SDA) can help you simplify the financial side of family succession planning. Key services that we offer to make the succession planning process as simple and streamlined as possible include:

  • Establishing Family Trust Funds
    Trust funds provide a way to preserve your family’s assets against financial issues that could potentially devalue your estate. The timing of creating a trust fund is essential for establishing the financial protection you need. We help you choose the right trust fund at the right time.
  • Performing Strategic Tax Planning
    Depending on the value of your family business, it may be subject to an inheritance tax and other tax considerations. We will help you plan the succession of your business in a way that minimizes your tax burden when it is time for the next generation to inherit the business.
  • Educating Heirs on Financial Issues
    If your heirs lack experience in managing your family business, it is important for them to know about the financial issues that surround the business and family succession planning. SDA will consult with your heirs to provide them with the financial knowledge they need.

Start Planning for Succession Today

According to the Council for Smaller Enterprises (COSE), roughly 80% of family businesses do not have a family succession planning strategy in place. When it comes time to pass business assets to heirs, this can significantly complicate the succession planning process and potentially make it necessary to have the succession plan decided in court. SDA helps ensure that your family has a succession plan in place that doesn’t require legal intervention.

For more information about the succession planning process and the family succession planning services that SDA offers, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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