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Estate Administration

Estate Administration Services

If your wealth has allowed you to build a substantial estate, Shahen Derderian & Associates will help you administer the estate according to plan. Without the assistance of estate administrative services, the division of an estate can become contentious for its heirs and/or beneficiaries. We help to prevent this by offering the following estate administration services, among others:

  • Estate Asset Monitoring
    Your estate is only as valuable as the worth of its total assets. When an asset depreciates over a significant period of time, with no turnaround in sight, it may be best to invest in a different asset. SDA performs asset monitoring to keep you apprised of your assets’ current value.
  • Strategic Tax Planning
    The taxation that is applied to wealthy estates can significantly affect an estate’s overall value. We administer your estate in a way that involves the least tax burden on your assets.
  • Disbursement of Assets
    After carefully planning your estate, you want your heirs and/or beneficiaries to receive the assets quickly and fairly. We can disburse your estate precisely as you have intended.

Estate Administration Assistance

As estate is often built while the builder lacks the time or expertise to closely monitor the estate’s assets. In addition, when an estate is distributed after the passing of the estate holder, heirs can be distressed and not in a state of mind to address the technicalities of estate administration. Our estate administration services can monitor the value of your assets to chart their long-term value and handle the financial technicalities of transferring the estate.

To learn more about our estate administration services and how we can create a plan that works best for the value and transference of your estate, please contact us today for a consultation.


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